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Compass Controls Manufacturing is a company servicing the OEM industry. We custom design electronic and mechanical systems to meet the specific application of our customers. Our designs are a collaborative effort with our customers to design from scratch, or modify existing designs improving performance and reliability, lowering the cost of manufacturing. In addition to design support, we also manufacture mechanical and electronic products and strive to be the low-cost producer, giving our customers the marketing advantage needed. We become our customer’s product engineering team without their costly overhead investment to support a product design team. Compass Manufacturing is ISO9001:2015 certified.

Compass designs and manufactures gas ratio, level, pressure, temperature, conductivity, flow and custom sensors specializing in electronic and mechanical measurement systems and controllers for the commercial and industrial marketplaces by being a R&D engineering support and manufacturing company.

Measurement Technologies

Compass Controls Manufacturing has a large portfolio of product designs used to measure many process variables. We have products that can be custom designed for the OEM industry to measure flow, level, pressure, temperature, gas ratios, oxygen concentrations, ozone production, conductivity and many other measurements. We focus our designs for both the commercial markets and industrial markets.


Compass Controls Manufacturing builds into every product the ability to interface with your system. We have experience designing products that have analog and digital outputs, wireless communications (including Bluetooth, ZigBee, UHF and others), HART, Ethernet, SPI, I2C, UART, as well as mechanical and solid state relays.


Compass Controls Manufacturing designs and manufactures a complete range of products for applications throughout the industry. Our product portfolio includes transmitters, monitors, recorders, gauges, sensors, switches, meters, recorders, controllers, indicators and interface devices. We combine these products with the measurement technologies and communication requirements to complete your instrumentation control needs.


Compass Controls Manufacturing provides complete customer support for product design, installation and application verification. We custom design your product specifically for your application. We have a complete line for electronics manufacturing that includes both surface mount and through hole automated production, we have field support services and component manufacturing or complete product manufacturing capabilities.

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Compass Controls Manufacturing has been servicing the OEM industry since 1995. We are an end-to-end manufacturer, with the knowledge and expertise to design high quality products at below-market cost, across industries.

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